2012 Kushlan and Nisbet awards

The 2012 awards were announced on August 27, 2012. Kushlan Awards Winner Rogers K. Makau Waterbird diversity, abundance and threats in Mwea Rice Irrigation Scheme Award: $6935 Runner-Up Rado Andriamasimanana Analysis of population trends of the Ciconiiformes of Madagascar Award: $2065 Nisbet Awards Winner Kyle Elliot Senescence in seabirds: a sleepy secret? Award: $1000 Runner-Up [...]

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Kushlan and Nisbet Grants

The Society is pleased to announce funding to support the Kushlin and Nisbet Grants. $9,000 is available this year to disperse for the Kushlan Award and $2,000 for the Nisbet Award.  Please see the Grants page for more information.

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Grant Award Winners Announced

Nisbet Grant Louise Blight, University of British Columbia (PhD student), for her proposal: “Long-term trends in the glaucous-winged gull, Larus glaucescens – sentinel for a century of ecosystem change.” ($819) Kushlan Grant The Committee decided to grant two awards. Roberto Carlos Frias Soler, University of Havana (professor), Cuba:  “Genetic characterization of Cuban flamingo colonies”  ($1500) [...]

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