Nisbet Research Award

Ian Nisbet

Ian Nisbet has provided steady direction and vision to the emergence of the Waterbird Society as an international ornithological society. He is well-known for his research on terns and gulls. Ian and Shirely Nisbet began in 2000 to build an endowment to provide funds for research. Preference is given to proposals for research on terns or gulls.

About the Nisbet Research Award

This grant is open globally to any student, professional, or amateur and should focus on those interested in research and conservation on terns and gulls. Financial and education status of applicants are not considerations. Selection is made by a committee based on the applicant’s likelihood of publishing timely and substantial contributions to the literature and/or making a contribution to the conservation of waterbirds. Depending on the scientific merit of the competition, awards will be offered in most years – one or more awards in the $1,000 range will be given. View past Nisbet Research Award winners.

Application materials should include 5 pages: (a) a cover sheet (click here) and abstract summarizing the work with all contact information, (b) three pages of narrative to include Background and Rationale, with hypotheses or questions stated, Methods, Literature Cited, and whether it is part of any cooperative (e.g. matching funds) project, and (c) a budget page.

View our grant proposal guidelines and general information for applicants.

Proposals are due by February 1st. The award or awards, if any, will be announced no later than March 1st.

The recipients of awards are expected to publish their reports in peer-reviewed outlets and acknowledge both the Nisbet Award and the Waterbird Society for support. The recipients are also expected to submit a short (1-2 page) report to the Grants Committee summarizing the results of their research project.

Grant applications should be submitted to:

Dr. Nellie Tsipoura (co-Chair, Grants Committee)