The Waterbird Society Research Grant


  • Comparing effectiveness of physical barriers and pond fertilization in mitigating predation pressure by three most predacious piscivorous waterbirds on freshwater pond-fish, Nickson Otieno
  • Assessing the Adaptive Capacity of an Arctic Seabird to Increased Predation Risk from Polar Bears Using Non-invasive Behavioural and Physiological Metrics, Erica Geldart
  • Causes and consequences of individual decision-making in shorebirds: fitness perspective on migration habitat conservation, Sarah Clements


  • Use of Rails as Indicators of Hydrologic Change and Subsequent Wetland Quality in the St. Louis River Estuary, Lindsey Tiegs


  • Nest site selection of river beach nesting birds in the Peruvian Amazon, Katharine Goodenough
  • Dispersal behavior of Yuma Ridgway’s rails, Eamon Harrity
  • Piping Plover habitat use/migration, Michelle Stantial