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Student Presentation Awards

Awards are given to promote student participation at the Society’s meetings and to recognize excellence in the presentation of posters and papers (evaluative criteria used in judging for oral and poster presentations).

These awards are presented at the annual meeting.

2018 Awards

Best Student Paper Award: Charles van Rees, Navigating a paved paradise: Landscape genetics of an endangered Hawaiian waterbird
Student Paper Award: Émile Brisson-Curadeau, Location, location, location: the geographic association of thick-billed murres with their prey promises a new economic way to map fish distribution in the Arctic.

Poster Award:

2017 Awards

  Best Student Paper Award: Lucinda Zawadzki, Vagrancy and population growth of the lesser black-backed gull
  Student Paper Award: Valerie von Zuben, Nest site selection cues, intra-seasonal  habitat variation, and survival of black terns

Poster Award: Sarah Gumbleton, Parasitic indicators of foraging strategies in wading birds

2016 Awards


Best Student Paper: Katherine (Kate) Shlepr, GPS tag attachment is likely to affect hatching but not chick rearing in Herring Gulls (Larus argentatus) 


Student Paper Award: Betsy Evans, Dietary flexibility of wood storks in response to human-induced rapid environmental change in South Florida


Best Poster: Sophia Orzechowski, Quantifying the impacts of Burmese pythons on wading bird reproduction



Poster Award: Michael (Mikey) Cornish, Using a commercially-available UAS to count nesting gulls on Great Duck Island Maine 

2015 Awards

  • Best Student Paper Award: Glenna Clifton, How loons swim: a high-speed, underwater view
  • Student Paper Award: Kate Ruskin, Latitudinal Trends in Saltmarsh Sparrow (Ammodramus caudacutus) Fecundity across its Global Range
  • Best Poster: Golya Shakrokhi, An examination of gene flow among distinct management units of the Reddish Egret
  • Poster Award: Gillian Holmes, Nest site selection of Dunlin near Churchill, Manitoba in a changing environment

2014 Awards

  • Best Student Paper Award: Lauren Scopel, Colony collapse in an arctic tern metapopulation: food, weather, or predation?
  • Student Paper Award: JP Ceyca, Levels of mercury and cadmium in the eggs of eight seabird species from Sinaloa, northwest Mexico

2013 Awards

  • Best Student Paper Award: Laura Zango, Dynamic feeding strategies of Cory’s Shearwaters over the breeding season as revealed by GPS and stable isotope analyses
  • Student Paper Award: Michelle Avis, Flight behavior of breeding Piping Plovers Charadrius melodus: implications for risk of collision with turbines and other human structures
  • Best Student Poster Award: Amy Rutter, Assessing provisioning rates of Common Terns
  • Student Poster Award: Pedro Miguel Araujo, Using triglycerides to evaluate migratory strategies in wetland passerines

2012 Awards

  • NAOC Student Award: Sarah Trefry, Wing marker woes: a case study and meta-analysis of the impacts of wing and patagial tags

2011 Awards

  • Best Poster: Stephen Wurfel, co-authored with Matthew Hillman and Sarah Karpanty, Foraging activity across the diel cycle of nesting Black Skimmers
  • Student Paper Award: Sarah Saunders, co-authored with Erin Roche, Todd Arnold and Francie Cuthbert, Site familiarity increases fledging success in Piping Plovers
  • Student Paper Award: Elizabeth Craig, co-authored with Brian Dorr, Katie Hanson-Dorr, You are what you eat…plus a few permil.‘ Diet-tissue fractionation in the Double-crested Cormorant
  • Best Paper Award: Gopisundar, Kolla, Simplified landscapes, complex patterns: factors influencing waterbird abundance in the perennially cultivated Gangetic floodplains, India

2009 Awards

  • Best Poster Award for Completed Study: Jessica Amenta (Stephen Oswald, Jennifer Arnold, Pennsylvania State University, Berks Campus, Reading, Pa), Interspecific Differences in Heat Loss Behavior under Identical Climatic Conditions
  • Best Poster Award for Study in Progress: Andrea Claassen (Todd Arnold, Erin Roche, Francesca Cuthbert, Conservation Biology Graduate Program, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN), Nest Survival and Renesting by Piping Plovers in the Great Lakes Region USA
  • Noteworthy Poster: Monika Parsons (Cynthia Loftin, Frederick Servello, Department of Wildlife Ecology, University of Maine, Orono, ME, and USGS Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Orono, ME), Evaluation of Two Temperature-sensing Devices to Detect Incubation Recesses, Nest Abandonment, and Hatch Date of Common Eiders (Somateria mollissma)
  • Best Paper Award: Jennifer Doucette, Food for thought: Combining conventional and novel techniques to study double-crested cormorant diet
  • Noteworthy Paper Award: Ingrid Barcelo, Winter Diet of Sandhill Cranes in Northern Mexico: Implications for Foraging Behavior

2008 Awards

  • Best Paper Award: Sean Murphy, Investigating the Demographics of a Shorebird Near the Northern Limit of its Range
  • Noteworthy Paper: Paul Smith, Predator Abundance and Incubation behavior Explain Interannual and Interspecific Patterns of Nest Success for Arctic Breeding Shorebirds
  • Noteworthy Paper: Melissa Pink, The Role of Changing Aquatic Ecosystems on Avian Predators: Do Forster’s Terns Respond to the Aquatic Environment As Well As to Changes in Prey Abundance?
  • Noteworthy Paper: Elizabeth Bates, Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Reddish Egrets in Texas
  • Best Poster Award: Rafael Ordonez, Simple and Inexpensive Devices to Measure Heart Rate of Incubating Birds
  • Noteworthy Poster Award: Jeff R. Troy, Reduction in the Breeding Range of Newell’s Shearwaters Puffinus Newelli on Kauai, Hawaii: Evidence and Insights from Field Surveys and GIS Modeling