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Kai Curry-Lindahl Award

The Kai Curry-Lindahl Award calls attention to either a lifetime of singular efforts on behalf of the conservation or management of breeding waterbirds and their habitat, or to one outstanding example of such activity that has served as a model for future workers. It is named for one of the early pioneers in the conservation of vast areas of critical importance to freshwater colonial birds, not only in his native Europe but in Africa and Asia as well.


Nominees for this award are selected by the Awards Committee of the Waterbird Society, who make their recommendation to the Council for a decision. Provide a 1-2 page document justifying the individual’s service, scientific or conservation contributions. Nominations should be emailed to chairperson Dr. Sarah Karpanty at karpanty@vt.edu by September 30th. The awards are presented by the President of the Society at the annual general meeting.

About Dr. Kai Curry-Lindahl

Dr. Kai Curry-Lindahl is a distinguished Swedish zoologist whose major research interests are the ecology and population dynamics of vertebrates, particularly of the subarctic and arctic areas of Sweden and tropical regions in Africa. His passion has been the preservation of nature. He served as Editor of Sveriges Natur of the Swedish Society for the Conservation of Nature, Director of the Department of Natural History of the Nordic Museum and Skansen, Stockholm, and leader of various expeditions to many parts of the world. From 1966 through 1972 he served as Vice-Chairman of the International Commission on National Parks of the IUCNature. He is an author of 57 books, including a two-volume study of the national parks of the world. In 1968 and1969, Dr. Curry-Lindhal served as special consultant to UNESCO for the Intergovernmental Conference of Experts on the Scientific Basis for Rational Use and Conservation of the Resources of the Biosphere. Later, in 1970 he was an expert in ecology and conservation for Africa for UNESCO and the United Nations Development Programme. He now holds the position of Senior Advisor to UNEP in Nairobi.

Past recipients of the Kai Curry-Lindahl Award

  • Joanna Burger, 2016, for her 45+ year studies of avian ecology, behavior, and effects of contaminants to advance the conservation of waterbirds.
  • Heinz Hafner, 2003, for his career as a research ornithologist and dedicated efforts for heron and wetland habitat conservation.
  • James Kushlan, 2003, for his career focused on the biology and conservation of colonial waterbirds.
  • Dr. James Hancock, 1996, for his studies and conservation accomplishments for the herons of the world.
  • Dr. Luc Hoffman, 1994, for his outstanding accomplishments in the conservation of colonial waterbirds and wetlands.
  • Dr. David B. Wingate, 1993, for his outstanding studies of and contribution to the survival of the Bermuda Petrel (Pterodroma cahow).