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Strategic Plan of the Waterbird Society

13 March, 2011

The Strategic Planning Committee: R. M. Erwin (Chair), G. Fraser, P. C. Frederick, K. C. Parsons, and B. A. Schreiber

Abstract: Vision 20/20, the Strategic Plan of the Waterbird Society, provides a road map for the Society for the next ten years and is presented in a series of components that includes both the governance of the Society and its science mission globally. Each component has its strengths, weakness, threats, opportunities, and recommendations section. The integrating themes found in the document are as follows:

1. Sustainability of the Society

  • Recommendations re Membership, Students, International members
  • Recommendations re Meetings, Publications and committee work
  • Recommendations re Finance-Investments

2. Implementing our International Mission

  • Recommendations re online publication
  • Recommendations re Membership, Meetings
  • Recommendations re Awards and Grants

3. Increasing our Impact

  • Recommendations re Publications
  • Recommendations re Awards
  • Recommendations re Conservation, Outreach, other committee work
Download the Strategic Plan (PDF)