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The Waterbird Society periodically presents awards to individuals for outstanding contributions to waterbird science, exemplary service to the Society, and to students for excellence in presentations and assistance for travel to the annual meetings.

International Awards

Two international awards are the Kai Curry-Lindahl Award and the Robert Cushman Murphy Prize. Nominees for these awards are selected by a committee who make their recommendation to the Council for a decision. The awards are presented by the President of the Society at the annual general meeting.

Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes those members who have made significant contributions by serving the Society and its members. Recipients of the Service Award have promoted the goals of the Society in their efforts that extend above and beyond their duties as teachers, researchers, and administrators. Award nominees are presented to the Council by the Awards Committee. View past recipients.

Student Presentation Awards

Awards are given to promote student participation at the Society’s meetings and to recognize excellence in the presentation of posters and papers. These awards are presented at the annual meeting. See award winners from previous annual meetings.

Student Travel Awards

In most years the Waterbird Society has funds to give financial assistance to students in order that they may attend the annual meeting to present a paper (oral or poster). For more information or to apply click here.

Publication Awards

The Waterbird Society is pleased to announce the recipient of our first “Publication Award for Outstanding Contribution to Conservation,” bestowed at our annual meeting in New Bern, North Carolina in September 2016.

Dr. Juliet Lamb and her co-authors received the award for their paper: Lamb J.S., CS. Hall, S.W. Kress, and  C.R. Griffin. 2014. Comparison of burning and weed barriers for restoring common tern (Sterna hirundo) nesting habitat in the Gulf of Maine. Waterbirds 37:286-297.