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Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes those members who have made significant contributions by serving the Society and its members. Recipients of the Service Award have promoted the goals of the Society in their efforts that extend above and beyond their duties as teachers, researchers, and administrators.


Nominees for this award are selected by the Awards Committee of the Waterbird Society, who make their recommendation to the Council for a decision. Nominations should be emailed to chairperson Dr. Sarah Karpanty at karpanty@vt.edu.

Past Recipients

  • D.V. Chip Weseloh (2016)
  • Dr. David A. Shealer (2014)
  • Christine Custer (2005)
  • Malcolm C. Coulter (2003)
  • James A. Kushlan and Ian C. T. Nisbet (2002)
  • John Ogden
  • Paul Buckley
  • Francine Buckley
  • Joanna Burger
  • Michael Gochfeld
  • Betty Carnes
  • Bill Southern
  • Mike Erwin
  • Don McCrimmon
  • Iola Price
  • Herb Kale
  • Keith Bildstein