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Author Services

American Journal Experts

American Journal Experts (AJE) works with thousands of non-native English speaking authors, helping them edit and polish their articles for publication. AJE has subject-expert editors who will check your manuscripts for spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation, misplaced modifiers, changes in tense, problems in parallelisms, and use of inappropriate language. In addition, they will make sure that your text sounds natural and your sentences are well constructed.

Contributors to Waterbirds can receive a 10% discount on AJE’s services by visiting this link and registering for an account. The discount code will be automatically applied using this link.


Bioedit provides an English language editing service that is specifically designed to meet the writing needs of researchers working in the life and medical sciences. The work we receive is first edited by a subject-specific editor, whose Ph.D. and research/editing experience are the closest to the subject of the work, and then by a specialist in English grammar. In this way, the work is edited for logical flow and content, as well as for correct grammar, syntax, spelling, and journal style. Authors can choose between different options depending on their budgets, editing requirements, and on how fast they want to receive back the edited work. The website is fully secure, and all our editors have signed a confidentiality agreement.

First-time clients will receive a special 20% rebate if they are submitting their work to the Waterbirds journal. Each manuscript thereafter will be automatically attributed a 10% discount on the website.

Falcon Scientific Editing

The Falcon Scientific Editing team is dedicated to helping Waterbirds authors. Our company specializes in the comprehensive preparation of scientific manuscripts/papers that are targeted for publication in English language journals. We provide Ph.D. field-specific editing, technical translation, formatting, and illustration services! We edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation, tense, phrasing, and diction with careful attention to the technical terms in the fields of ornithology and ecology, and all of our editors sign non-disclosure agreements. We guarantee that a paper edited by us will not be rejected because of poor English quality. If it is, we will re-edit the manuscript for FREE!

As scientists ourselves, we understand the difficulties many international researchers face regarding the English language barrier. For all Waterbirds authors, we will provide FREE abstract editing and a 15% discount off all of our services. Please submit your manuscript via our secure website and include discount code 15%OFFWB. You can also contact us at or via our contact page.

Precision Science Editing

Precision Science Editing helps authors to produce manuscripts that proceed quickly to peer review and publication. Their specialty is English language editing for researchers in the biological sciences. Precision Science Editing is run by Dr. Anne Altor, whose research was in wetland ecology and environmental science.

ScienceDocs Inc.

ScienceDocs is a true specialist-driven editing company.  For Waterbirds authors, that means you will be working with an ornithology/ecology expert such as Dr. Schofield, who is a veteran editor of content such that is found in Waterbirds.  You will be in direct contact with your editor here, and our editing is done to Waterbirds guidelines.

We are happy to offer an introductory 15% discount to authors publishing to Waterbirds.  To receive this discount, please visit this page.  We look forward to working with you!