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Committee Chairs


John Anderson and Kate Shlepr, Co-Chairs
Preserve records, documents, electronic material and memorabilia of the Society.


Pat Baird and Jim Fraser, Co-chairs
Develop and enact strategies to maintain and enhance membership in the Society.


Susan Elbin and Erica Nol, Co-Chairs
Provide the slate of candidates for elective office, and ensure rigorous tallying and reporting of election results. Send nominees to Secretary by early March for mailing.


Jeff Spendelow and Chris Custer, Co-chairs
Preserve, update and make available copies of the Bylaws of the Society as needed. Committee is also charged with noting departures from bylaws in annual meetings and alerting officers to the need to change bylaws.

Recognition Awards

Sarah Karpanty, Chair
Recommend recipients of the Kai-Curry Lindahl Conservation Award and the Robert Cushman Murphy Award for Lifetime Scientific Achievement. Maintain an archive of recipients, see it is posted to the web, be responsible for the logistics of presenting the award. (See historic register for past recipients, past comm. members).

Finance and Investment

Ricardo Zambrano and Jim Fraser, Co-chairs
Develop and maintain strategy for investment of the Society’s endowment assets. Work with Treasurer to develop annual budget. Advise council on finances each year and make recommendations for expenditures.

Student Activities

Gail Fraser and Juliet Lamb, Co-chairs
Oversee the solicitation, judging and awarding of annual student travel awards to meetings, and student presentation awards at meetings.

ABC Representative

WS pays dues to Am. Bird Conservancy and appoints a representative to serve on the Policy Council and attend meetings in DC. Rep. makes an annual report to the board on activities of ABC and assists ABCs mission of bird conservation.

Ornithological Council

Jeff Spendelow and Susan Elbin, Co-chairs
WS pays support to the OC and appoints 2 representatives (has 2 votes) to attend OC Council meetings.

Diversity Committee

Susan Elbin and Liz Craig, Co-chairs
The mission of the Diversity Committee is to make a bold, clear message that the Waterbird Society is inclusive of all waterbird biologists, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, economic status, age, religion, etc.  The role of the Diversity Committee is to promote and celebrate diversity in our society. 

Research Grants

Nellie Tsipoura and Jan van der Winden, Co-chairs
Solicit applications for the Kushlan and Nisbet Grants. Maintain archive of recipients, proposal titles and award amounts and be responsible for the logistics of presenting the award and getting reports afterwards.

Scientific Program

Current Vice-President and at least one member of Local Committee (usually chair)
Responsible for developing the Scientific program for the annual meeting of the Society, including solicitation of major symposia and speakers. Submits all meeting announcements, call for papers, meeting program, and abstracts to the Web Editor. Writes Call for Papers and submits to Secretary for mailing. Receives and abstracts, organizes meeting program, designates session chairs. Gets information to Local committee for printing.

Web Editor

Nellie Tsipoura and Amanda Moore
Review WS website for content, add content, solicit content, assure that annual meeting announcements are posted, updates to officer list, etc. Consider new ways to use the website to promote the goals of the Society. May appoint web manager to do actual posting as advised by Web Editor.

Communications and Outreach

Nellie Tsipoura and Amanda Moore, Co-Chairs
Designs and develops promotional material for the Society.


Jonathan Cohen and Charles Clarkson, Co-Chairs
The goals of the conservation committee are to 1) promote research relating to the conservation of waterbirds and 2) promote science-based conservation of waterbirds and the habitats on which they depend.


Brian Palestis and Erica Nol, Co-chairs
Assist with Waterbirds journal editor and council on journal issues (e.g. electronic publishing), keep data on the appropriate statistics to help manage the journal (BioOne data, JSTOR data), and manage advertisement within the journal.

Future Meetings

Chip Weseloh and Susan Elbin, Co-chairs
Finds venues for future meetings for the society and presents them to the council for consideration.