John Ogden, first President of Waterbirds, dies at 73

John Ogden, one of the world's leading authorities on wading birds and a scientist who fought for and shaped Everglades restoration plans, died at 73. The long-time Redlands resident dedicated nearly 40 years to the Everglades, with a five-year stint out west to help rescue the endangered condor. Ogden worked for Audubon, Everglades National Park [...]

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Kushlan and Nisbet Grants

The Society is pleased to announce funding to support the Kushlin and Nisbet Grants. $9,000 is available this year to disperse for the Kushlan Award and $2,000 for the Nisbet Award.  Please see the Grants page for more information.

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Abstract Submission Deadline

Call for Abstracts for Oral and Poster Papers - 5th North American Ornithological Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 14-18 August 2012. On 20 January 2012, the NAOC web site began receiving Abstracts for oral papers and posters, and invited symposium papers. The limit is approximately 250 words for all abstracts, excluding the title and author [...]

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Summary of 2011 Meeting

The thirty-fifth annual meeting of the Waterbird Society was held 9-12 November 2011 at the Doubletree Hotel in Annapolis, Maryland. This was actually the second Waterbird Society meeting in calendar year 2011; the March 2011 meeting in Nebraska, held jointly with the North American Crane Working Group, was the society’s thirty-fourth annual meeting. Ellen Paul, [...]

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Annual Meeting in Annapolis Nov. 9-12: Plenary Speakers

James A. Kushlan James A. Kushlan is a writer, scientist, educator, and conservationist. His research and conservation work focuses on waterbirds, seabirds, and wetlands. He has written over 200 papers and several books including Herons Handbook (1984), The Freshwater Fishes of Southern Florida (1987), Storks, Ibises and Spoonbills of the World (1993), Heron Conservation (2000), [...]

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Marshbird Monitoring

The USFWS Migratory Bird Program is inviting input on its proposal to advance marshbird monitoring; specifically feedback on a series of questions which will then inform a summit meeting late in the year. We are very interested in coordinating with Partners in Flight, especially in light of your unique capacity and key role in avian [...]

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