Abstracts Published

Abstracts of the joint Waterbird Society and International Wader Study Group Conference in Wilhelmshaven 2013 are now published (online and printed):  Wader Study Group Bull. 121 (2), 2014, p 39-101. There is a link to these abstracts which are citable:  http://www.waderstudygroup.org/article/5805/

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Kevin G. McCracken named inaugural Kushlan Chair in Waterbird Biology and Conservation at University of Miami

Evolutionary geneticist Kevin G. McCracken has been named the inaugural Kushlan Chair in Waterbird Biology and Conservation at the University of Miami. McCracken, currently a professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, will serve a dual appointment as associate professor in the Department of Biology at the College of Arts and Sciences and in the [...]

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Terns by David Cabot and Ian Nisbet

TERNS, David Cabot and Ian Nisbet. 2013. HarperCollins, London. ISBN 978007412471 (Hardback, ₤55; about $83 US). ISBN 978007412488 (Paperback, ₤35; about $53 US). 461 pp., 6” x 9”, 184 color photographs, 57 color drawings, maps and charts, 30 tables. This book in the respected New Naturalist series is the first book on the natural history [...]

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In Memorium

Malcolm C. Coulter, 1947 – 2013 Malcolm was unassuming and worked in the background, so it was only after he passed, when his friends and colleagues began to compare notes, that we realized the many lives and projects he had touched and encouraged.  Shortly before he died, he wrote: “It’s not what individuals can do but [...]

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Panama letter

The Conservation committee of the Waterbird Society wrote a letter to the National Environment Authority of Panama strongly recommending that wetland scientists and biologists be involved to help mitigate the potential damages to wetlands and mangrove forests in and around the Juan Diaz and Tocumen areas of Panama if  projects in those areas  move forward.   [...]

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2012 Kushlan and Nisbet awards

The 2012 awards were announced on August 27, 2012. Kushlan Awards Winner Rogers K. Makau Waterbird diversity, abundance and threats in Mwea Rice Irrigation Scheme Award: $6935 Runner-Up Rado Andriamasimanana Analysis of population trends of the Ciconiiformes of Madagascar Award: $2065 Nisbet Awards Winner Kyle Elliot Senescence in seabirds: a sleepy secret? Award: $1000 Runner-Up [...]

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37th Annual Meeting of the Waterbird Society, 24 – 29 September 2013, Wilhelmshaven, Germany

We welcome you to join us in Wilhelmshaven in September 2013! The Waterbird Society will hold its 37th annual meeting in 2013 in Germany for the first time. The Institute of Avian Research “Vogelwarte Helgoland”, one of the oldest ornithological research institutes in the world, will be the host. The meeting venue is the Stadthalle, [...]

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