Local Culture


The Reykjavik night life is already world renowned and unique for a city of this size. Icelanders go out very late and stay out late and so the city centre can be very lively, especially on weekends where it is not uncommon to find nightclubs still full at 5 am. There are many types of bars, cocktail lounges and clubs making it easy for travelers to find the vibe they are looking for, however, if the weather is favorable the streets can be awash with people and so we recommend taking advantage as this is the ideal situation to get to know some of the locals.


Many fine museums are worth visiting, the biggest being the National History Museum which tells the story of the worlds oldest democracy and it’s extraordinary past. For art lovers The Reykjavik Art Museum, housed in three separate locations, is definitely worth the visit while the unique (and slightly controversial) Phallic Museum is always popular.

To summarize, there is no place quite like this and do not forget your camera as the most spectacular thing about Reykjavik is the landscape. Mount Esja looms over the city just across the bay and your memory card will almost certainly be filled with images of Reykjavik’s most romantic mountain as well as such architectural masterpieces as the Harp,the new music hall, and colorful old town houses that continue to be the city’s heart and soul.