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The International Journal of Waterbird Biology
Journal of the Waterbird Society

Managing Wetlands for Waterbirds: Integrated Approaches

Volume 25, Special Publication (2) 2002
Edited by Katharine C. Parsons, Stephen C. Brown, R. Michael Erwin, Helen A. Czech, and John C. Coulson


  • INTRODUCTION: Managing wetlands for waterbirds: integrated approaches. Katharine C. Parsons, Stephen C. Brown, R. Michael Erwin, and Helen A. Czech. 1-4
  • Integrated management of waterbirds: beyond the conventional. R. Michael Erwin. 5-12
  • Accessible habitat for shorebirds: factors influencing its availability and conservation implications. Jaime A. Collazo, Dawn A. O’Harra, and Christine A. Kelly. 13-24
  • Integrated management of waterbird habitats at impounded wetlands in Delaware Bay, U.S.A. Katharine C. Parsons. 25-41
  • A case study of changing land use practices in the northern Great Plains, U.S.A.: an uncertain future for waterbird conservation. Kenneth F. Higgins, David E. Naugle, and Kurt J. Forman. 42-50
  • Effects of land use on nongame wetland birds in western South Dakota. Shawn M. May, David E. Naugle, and Kenneth F. Higgins. 51-55
  • Agricultural wetlands and waterbirds: a review. Helen A. Czech and Katharine C. Parsons. 56-65
  • Managing agricultural wetlands for waterbirds in the coastal regions of Louisiana, U.S.A. Jay V. Huner, Clinton W. Jeske, and Wayne Norling. 66-78
  • Management and conservation of San Francisco Bay salt ponds: effects of pond salinity, area, tide, and season on Pacific Flyway waterbirds. Nils Warnock, Gary W. Page, Tamiko D. Ruhlen, Nadav Nur, John Y. Takekawa, and Janet T. Hanson. 79-92
  • Waterbird use of bayland wetlands in the San Francisco Bay estuary: movements of Long-Billed Dowitchers during the winter. John Y. Takekawa, Nils Warnock, Greg M. Martinelli, A. Keith Miles, and Danika C. Tsao. 93-105
  • Waterbird use of northern Atlantic wetlands protected under the North American Wetlands Conservation Act. Stephen C. Brown, Brian A. Harrington, Katharine C. Parsons, and Elizabeth P. Mallory. 106-114
  • Wetland conservation and Ducks Unlimited: real world approaches to multispecies management. Gildo M. Tori, Scott Mcleod, Keith McKnight, Thomas Moorman, and Frederic A. Reid. 115-121
  • Towards integrated bird conservation in North America: a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service perspective. Jonathan M. Andrew and Brad A. Andres. 122-127