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The International Journal of Waterbird Biology
Journal of the Waterbird Society

Conservation Biology of Flamingos

Volume 23, Special Publication (1) 2000
Edited by Guy A. Baldassarre, Felicity Arengo, and Keith L. Bildstein

Part One: Europe and the Mediterranean

  • An overview of the Greater Flamingo ringing program in the Camargue (southern France) and some aspects of the species’ breeding biology studied using marked individuals. A. R. Johnson. 2-8
  • Nocturnal movements of breeding Greater Flamingos in southern Spain. M. Rendón-Martos, J. M. Vargas, M. A. Rendón, A. Garrido, and J. M. Ramirez. 9-19
  • Evidence of seasonal sex ratio manipulation in the Greater Flamingo. G. Bertault, M. Raymond, F. Rousset, F. Cézilly, and A. R. Johnson. 20-25
  • Individual distances among Greater Flamingos as indicators of tourism. R. Yosef. 26-31
  • Flamingos presumable excaped from captivity find suitable habitat in western Europe. J. M. Treep. 32-37

Part Two: Africa

  • Declines and movements of Lesser Flamingos in Africa. R. E. Simmons. 40-46
  • Conservation status of Flamingos in Kenya. O. Nasirwa. 47-51
  • The distribution and density of Lesser Flamingos in East Africa in relation to food availability and productivity. C. H. Tuite. 52-63
  • The importance of the Makgadikgadi salt pans in Botswana for Flamingos in Africa. G. P. McCulloch and W. Borello. 64-68

Part Three: The Caribbean

  • A review of the ecology and conservation of Caribbean Flamingos in Yucatán. G. A. Baldassarre and F. Arengo. 70-79
  • Numbers and distribution of the Caribbean Flamingo in Venezuela. F. Espinoza, L. Parra, J. Aranguren, A. Martino, M. Quijada, D. Pirela, R. Rivero, T. Guiterrez, N. Jimenez, S. Leal, and E. Leal. 80-86
  • Abundance of benthic macroinvertebrates in Caribbean Flamingo feeding areas at Los Olivitos Refuge, western Venezuela. E. E. Esté and C. L. Casler. 87-94
  • Caribbean Flamingos feeding at a new solar saltworks in western Venezuela. C. L. Casler and E. E. Esté. 95-102
  • Monitoring Caribbean Flamingos as Los Olivitos Wildlife Refuge, western Venezuela. D. E. Pirela. 103-108

Part Four: South America

  • Abundance and distribution of the South American Altiplano Flamingos. M. Valqui, S. M. Caziani, O. Rocha O., and E. Rodriguez R. 110-113
  • Long-term survey of Chilean Flamingo breeding colonies on Mar Chiquita Lake, Córdoba, Argentina. E. H. Bucher, A. L. Echevarria, M. D. Juri, and J. M. Chani. 114-118
  • Andean Flamingos breeding at Laguna Brava, La Rioja, Argentina. E. H. Bucher, J. M. Chani, and A. L. Echevarria. 119-120
  • Abundance and habitat of high Andes Flamingos in northwestern Argentina. S. M. Caziani and E. J. Derlindati. 121-133
  • Assessment of the threats to Flamingos at the Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Nature Reserve (Arequipa, Perú). J. A. Ugarte-Núñez. 134-140

Part Five: Captivity

  • Captive Flamingo populations and opportunities for research in zoos. C. E. King. 142-149
  • What 19 years of observation on captive Greater Flamingos suggests about adaptations to breeding under irregular conditions. A. Studer-Thiersch. 150-159
  • Plumages and molt patterns in captive Caribbean Flamingos. P. W. Shannon. 160-172
  • Social and reproductive relationships of captive Caribbean Flamingos. P. W. Shannon. 173-178
  • Sonographic analysis of the vocalizations of Chilean and Caribbean Flamingos. J. T. Boylan. 179-184
  • Behavioral demands on a new exhibit for Greater Flamingos at the Basle Zoo, Switzerland. A. Studer-Thiersch. 185-192
  • Comparison of hand-reared Caribbean and Lesser Flamingos at SeaWorld California. L. E. Burch and C. Gailband. 193-197

Part Six: Summary and Future Directions

  • Flamingo Specialist Group: Past, present and future activities. A. R. Johnson. 200-205
  • Flamingo science: Current status and future needs. K. L. Bildstein, G. A. Baldassarre, and F. Arengo. 206-211
  • Overview and future directions: The summing-up. W. Conway. 212-213