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Waterbird Society / IOC 2018 – Accommodation Information

In general, Vancouver is a very walkable city, and you can get from one area to another very quickly. There is also excellent public transportation. For example, a bus from the West End near Stanley Park to the Convention Centre (~3km) will take about ten minutes. Vancouver is also a very safe city. You can walk through the areas on the map below at night without worry. This map also shows the boundary for the ideal area of Vancouver to search for accommodation.

There are a number of options for hotel accommodation in Vancouver. The prices for certain hotels have been negotiated beforehand and are the lowest prices that anyone could ever get for those dates, but only if they are booked through the IOC website (Prices in $Canadian, which has been stable at ~ 1 $CD:0.75 $US for a while). Please note that the less expensive hotel rooms might go quickly, so it is important to book a room as soon as possible. All hotels listed on the IOC website are 3-4 star hotels where 4-6 people can share a room, thus lowering costs. They are all near the Convention Centre.

Pre-negotiated hotel rates range from the highest – Skwachays Lodge -$309CD/$232US (suite)/ $259CD/$194US (double) – to the lowest YWCA – $79CD/$59US (single with shared bath) / $134CD/$100US (double with private bath )/ $157CD/$117US (triple private bath) / $183CD/$137US (quint private bath). Most hotels are in the $179CD/$134US to low $200s/~$150US range, with a few ~ $259CD/$194US.

An internet search will generate other hotels in the area that are fairly inexpensive – west of the Convention Centre along Robson Street and in the West End (see map below). Conference rates have only been negotiated for those hotels listed here.

UPDATE! Special Last Minute Prices for Accommodations:
$ US PRICE (12 July 2018)
Sheraton Wall Centre
  • Pool
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Scenic Views
  • 15 minute walk
$229 $160.30   2 people ($80 per person)

$190.30   3 people ($63/per person)

$220.30   4 people  ($63/per person)

Mariott Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront
  • Restaurant
  • Indoor Pool
  • Business Centre
  • Free Wifi
  • Pet Friendly
  • 3 minute walk
$259 $181.30 – up to 4 people   ($45/per person)
Swkachays Lodge
  • Aboriginal Experience
  • Aboriginal Art Gallery and Lounge
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Rooftop Smudge Room
  • 17 minute walk
  • 15 minute bus
$259 $181.30 – up to 4 people ($45/per person)

Residences at the University of British Columbia
There are also residences at UBC ($65CD/$48US – $70CD/$53US for private singe-bed rooms with shared common areas). Any of you who went to the NAOC probably stayed there. They are about a 30-35 minute bus ride to where the meeting is.

There are also a plethora of affordable rooms/apartments on AirBnB very near the Convention Centre (search ‘Vancouver Downtown, BC, Canada’ and modify from there). Rates are quite reasonable and there are currently places available. But, as the IOC is a large conference occurring during peak season at a popular tourist destination, if you want to stay in an AirBnB, you really need to make a booking now – affordable and convenient accommodation will go quickly.

There are 6-7 hostels near the Vancouver Convention Centre, and two more just south of Chinatown. This is a very inexpensive option, but these also fill up during the heart of the tourist season.

Room sharing
The Waterbirds Society has provided a google spreadsheet to help facilitate roommate matching for any conference attendees interested in sharing a room. Click here to access the spreadsheet. **Please note: this document simply serves to help conference goers connect with one another about room sharing, and will not be monitored by the committee. It is the responsibility of the individual to email or call anyone with whom they wish to share a room. The use of this form is purely optional and does not guarantee a room share. Once you find a roomie, you may want to remove your name to prevent others from contacting you.

Before you book accommodations, if you choose a booking from outside the area indicated on the map below, be sure to do your research on where the lodging is located. Google Street Map view is the best to get an idea of what the area surrounding the hotel is like.